The Truth About You

There is a deep and wonderful truth about you. It may be hidden and you may not even know it exists…, but you are in fact your own best guide, no matter what endeavour you embark upon, and no matter how many advisers and guides you may have surrounded yourself with. There is no need for gurus, spiritual masters, teachers, life-coaches, role models, etc., for you already have within you the wisest, warmest, kindest, most understanding and forgiving teacher you could ever want.
This personal “master-teacher”, which is in fact a very deep aspect of your own self, waits constantly and vigilantly for every opportunity to assist you in your most important endeavours. If only you could stop long enough and listen intently enough to make that crucial connection with it, what wonders you would see...; for you already have within you a power and wisdom of super-human proportions, and you can use it to accomplish literally anything you wish for and rightfully deserve.