September 2022
File size: 6.73 MB
Techniques for Harmonious Living
Jacaranda Trees: Beautiful and Medicinal
Ancient Egypt's Literature
Rosicrucian Convictions
The Trinity of Power
Bringing Heaven to Earth
Our Beautiful World
Mystical Tradition in Tibet
E=mc2 - The Most Famous Equation in History
Initiations and Ancient Mysteries
March 2022
File size: 5.77 MB
Communicating: A Mystical Art
The Altar of Service
Apophthegms of Francis Bacon
Aton and the Cult of Ra-Horakhty
Humility, Dignity, Courage
Traits of Spiritually Motivated People
Ancient Afghanistan
Aspects of Silence
Life and the Journey into Self
September 2021
File size: 5.11 MB
On Ecology
Transcending Challenges Through Spiritual Development
Find the Gap
Don't Short-change the Cosmic
Serenity: Reflections on Meister Eckhart's Doctrine of Justice
Spirituality and Mental Tranquillity
Albert Schweitzer: Reverence for Life
Juan de la Cruz: Poet of God
Listen Up! Reflections on Prayer
March 2021
File size: 5.69 MB
Building Personal Values
Rosicrucian Declaration of Human Duties
Touch Therapy
Oh Gracious One
Precognition and Free Will
Is Precognition Possible?
Werner Heisenberg - Quantum Theory and the Ancient Roots of Atomic Theory
Karma and Reincarnation
Life Force and the Template of Creation
Paracelsus: Mystic Healer
Guardians of the Sacred Flame
Letting Go
September 2020
File size: 6.84 MB
Aligning with Cosmic Laws
The Compost Heap
A Listening Place
I Am Unique
The Roerich Pact and Banner of Peace
Consciousness: The Final Frontier
Relaxing Properly
Turn the Page
Plato's Doctrine of Ideas
The Three Refuges: A Buddhist Chant
Salvation - The Vies of a Mystic
The Benevolent Dandelion
Life is a River
Silent Messengers of the Beautiful Land
Lost Splendour
Influence of the Mystical Life
March 2020
File size: 7.72 MB
The Serenity of a Rosicrucian Mystic
The Fluid World of Mind
Compassion in Action
The Seeds of Self-Fulfillment
Postures for Spiritual Growth
The Day I Thought I Died
Higashiyama - East Mountain and the Origins of Japanese Culture
The Three Gunas
The Afterlife
Light Bearers Association - Annual Conference
Sisters of the Rosy Cross - Annual Conference
September 2019
File size: 6.39 MB
Rosicrucian Spiritual Tradition in a Modern World
Sanctum Musings: Spirituality for Social Justice
Choose This Day
Mysticism: The Sacred Marriage of Science and Spirituality
Mysticism in the Evolution of Cultures
Mystics of Aragon
Stalactites and Stalagmites
The Neophyte and Service
The Two Buddhas
The Afterlife
March 2019
File size: 5.33 MB
Moving On
Sanctum Musings: Synchronicity
Zoroaster - Ancient Discoverer of Light and Dark
Rosicrucianism and Zen
A Path
Journey and Destination
The Dark Valleys of Life
Freedom, Give or Take
The Akhenaten Heresy
Healing - Allow the Cosmic to ‘In-Form’ You
Healing the Whole Person
Life Transformed - A Loving Reminder from Mum
Life Unfolding
September 2018
File size: 7.71 MB
Sanctum Musings: Safeguarding our Vitality
A Living Gift of Love
God of My Heart
Sanctuary of Self
MòZĭ : Forgotten Teacher of China
The Human Egeregore
Reflections on Gratitude
When Death is Imminent
A Bit of Eternity
Ginseng and the Snow Goddess
Minos and the Cretan Odyssey
March 2018
File size: 7.62 MB
Saint Columban
Scepticism and Positive Thinking
Hypatia of Alexandria - Neoplatonic Philosopher and Martyr
The Great Mystery
Universal Love
Shams’ Forty Rules of Love
Look Well To This Day
Samothrace: Sanctuary of the Great Gods
The Circassians
December 2017
File size: 6.91 MB
Sanctum Musings: The Mystical Attitude to Change
The Eye in Ancient Egypt
The Great Peace
Mount Kailash: On the Mountain, Around the Mountain
John Muir: Into the Universe Through the Forest
Big Sheep
The Rainbow Serpent
Mevlana: Jalau’d Din Rumi
Searching for Something Better
Aspects of Silence
And So What
Rosicrucian Convention, Calabar 2018 - “Immortality”
March 2017
File size: 6.8 MB
Rosicrucian Heritage Magazine - 2017-03
Secularity and Spirituality
Our Obligations to Light, Life and Love
Examine Your Intent - True? Necessary? Kind?
From the Tao Te Ching
Plato’s Doctrine of Ideas
A Bit of Eternity
Immortality and the Afterlife
A Smile
Tai Chi Meditation
An Enquiry into Consciousness
Navajo Sandpainting: Sacred Healing
The Mountain of Initiation
The Glories of Norman Sicily
Symbolism, Esotericism and the Salon de Rose Croix
Inner Light
Don’t Come Second in the Race Against Time
Best of Friends
September 2016
File size: 8.92 MB
Universal Love
Self Review
Sanctum Musings: The Power of Conviction
My Friend Win
Science and Spirituality
The Creative Word in Ancient Egypt
Learn to Give
The Word Went Forth
Egypt as the Cradle of Mystery Schools
The Journey of Life
Jacob Boehme
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
In Quest of the Alchemist’s Secret
Love Yourself
Leonardo da Vinci
The Emir’s Promissory Note
March 2016
File size: 6 MB
Sanctum Musings: Becoming A Divine Agent
Songs of Flowers - The Life of Nezahualcóyotl
Adjustment to the Times
The Mirror of Wisdom
Pain and Suffering
Cagliostro and the Magic Flute
Moments of Revelation
Self Awareness
Reflections in Silence
The Mystic Gardener
Out of This World
Journey and Destination
September 2015
File size: 10.3 MB
Forgiveness and Karma
Sanctum Musings: Mastering Decisive Action
True Knowledge
Al-Ghazali: 11th Century Mystic
The Alchemical Fire of Suffering
The Importance of Being
Theory and Practice of Rosicrucian Living
Reflections in Silence
Rosicrucian Centennial
Pictures Without Words
Michael Sendivogius - Citizen of the World
Great Soul of the Universe
March 2015
File size: 5.56 MB
Sanctum Musings: Forty Years of AMORC Administration in Nigeria
The Rosicrucian Way
Maat and Asha
Mystical Illumination
Which Are You?
The Art of Memory
Go to the Light
Mental Poisoning and Black Magic
The Mystic in Tumultuous Times
September 2014
File size: 8.06 MB
Sanctum Musings: The Mystic at Prayer
What Are Selfish Interests?
Realising Our Desires
Finding the Peace of Your Soul
Causality: A Discussion
Missions and Talents
Good Will
The House of Wisdom
The Hieroglyphic Monad
Recent Rosicrucian Activities
March 2014
File size: 8.22 MB
01. Sanctum Musings: The Light Entrusted to You
05. Be a Thinking, Active and Responsible Mystic
15. Window on the World
16. Juxtaposition
17. The Lessons of Life
19. The Mystical Lincoln and His Mission
22. Living With Public Opinions
24. From Bohemia: Prague, Rudolph II and the Genesis of the Rose Cross
32. Life, Lessons and Truisms
34. Socrates
37. Of Master Kelpius and Mozart
40. The Luminous Mountain
44. The Spiritual Wealth of Islam
50. The Universal Community
September 2013
File size: 6.15 MB
Rosicrucianism for Personal and Societal Integration
Lost Truths Restored - The Life of Elias Ashmole
The Importance of Music in our Lives
Great Libraries - Centres of Civilisation: DAR AL-ILM Cairo
Woman: Symbol of the Sacred Feminine
Russian Cosmism
Alchemy and Alchemists
Secrets of Afghanistan
March 2013
File size: 7.17 MB
Sanctum Musings: Awakening National Conscience
Faithfulness, Loyalty and Gratitude
A Pilgrimage - The Way of St. James
Bringing Light to the World
Pergamon: Ancient Centre of Learning
Hands: An Expression of the Soul
The Human Side of Isaac Newton
September 2012
File size: 5.06 MB
Personal Security Through Internal Role Playing
Music and Civilisation
Who Do You Think You Are?
Heidelberg and the Early Rosicrucians - Part 2
God of Our Heart
The Eleusinian Mysteries
Window of Understanding
A Personal Philosophy
Goethe the Mystic
Looking Out and Looking In
The Way of Alchemy
Music and the Psychic Self
March 2012
File size: 4.46 MB
Sanctum Musings: The Integrated Self and Successful Living
The Power of Imagination
The Soul in All
Waste of Beauty
Le Comte de Saint Germain - Part 2
The Making of a Rosicrucian
The Vision
Heidelberg and the Early Rosicrucians - Part 1
Discover Your Inner Music
An Egyptian Ritual
Light of the World
Ode to Boehme
Nāgārjuna the Alchemist
Rosicrucian Activities: SIROC National Conference 2011
September 2011
File size: 4.58 MB
Kenneth U Idiodi is elected to the Supreme Board
Sanctum Musings: The True Spirit of Service
Grand Master’s Message : A Spiritual Awakening
Compassion in Action
Le Comte de Saint Germain - Part 1
The Seeds of Self-Fulfillment
Spirit Song Over The Waters
In Quest of the Alchemist’s Secret
The Distilled Person
Behold the Universe
The Cumaean Sibyl
SIROC: Sisters of the Rosy Cross
LBA: Light Bearers Association
On Enlightenment
March 2011
File size: 5 MB
Sanctum Musings: Expressing Personal Mastership
The Universal Heart
Gold, Silver and Lead
The Alchemical Fire of Suffering
Peace Profound: The Challenge of Finding the Soul
A Pure Heart
Philosophy of Life
Pythagoras the Teacher: Part 5
Mystical Quietitude
Ancient Priesthoods
Declaration of a Global Ethic
Kopan Monastery Kathmandu
The Rosicrucian Legacy of the Wissahickon Hermits
The Egyptian
September 2010
File size: 4.84 MB
Sanctum Musings: Spirituality in the Realisation of the Goals of Democracy
Eyes Fixed on Him
Know Thyself
Experiencing the Absolute
Look to This Day - An Ancient Sanskrit Poem
The Temple Builder
The Symbolism of the Rose
The Creative Word in Ancient Egypt
Pythagoras the Teacher - Part 3
The Mystical Number Seven
The Story of Colour
Creed For Happiness
Rosicrucian Activities
March 2010
File size: 4.51 MB
With a Clear Mind - Message from the Imperator
Sanctum Musings: The Family as Foundation for Individual Empowerment
Awakening to Freedom
Pythagoras the Teacher - Part 3
The Fire Within
Partnership with the Cosmic
Wisdom - from “Things Well Said”
The Quest to Know
Methods of Purification
Medicine of the Middle Kingdom
September 2009
File size: 5.02 MB
Preface by the Imperator
Introduction by Grand Master
Ascending the Mountain
What Are Selfish Interests?
The Divinity of Man
Reaching the Roof
The Development of Psychic Sight
Magic Power of Secrecy
God and the Cosmic
Aum, Om, Amen
How to Pray
Is Peace Hopeless?
Materialism and the Mystical Life
Living in the Clouds
Being a Mystic and Being Sane
March 2009
File size: 4.59 MB
Grand Master’s Message: Life on Other Worlds
Sanctum Musings: Illumination
The Individual - by Alan W Watts
Ancient Egypt and Modern Esotericism - Part 2
Meeting of the Minds
The Genius Within
Scientific Mysticism - Part 9
Prayer of the Morning
The Guest
Pythagoras the Teacher - Part 2
Symbol of Light
Diamond Jubilee Convention 2008
September 2008
File size: 5.22 MB
Sanctum Musings: The Enlightened Individual and National Development
Mystical Pantheism
The Human Soul
Ancient Egypt and Modern Esotericism - Part 1
I am Light
Scientific Mysticism - Part 8
Cycles and Vibrations
Pythagoras the Teacher - Part 1
The Fragmented Body of Osiris and the Path to Holiness
The Sound of Eternity
Rosicrucian Activities
March 2008
File size: 3.28 MB
True Humility
Sanctum Musings: Man the Problem, Man the Solution
Some Thoughts on Stillness
Gifts of Mind
Scientific Mysticism: Part 7
Silent Influences
Human Vowels: Part 3
Our Personal Reality
Which Are You?
The Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt
The Shield of David
September 2007
File size: 3.59 MB
Sharing Our Light
Sanctum Musings: Rosicrucianism and Social Stability
Love Is Who God Is
Life’s Ideal
The Huna: Pathway to Our Inner Selves
Wisdom Which Does Not Cry
Balancing Spirituality
Singing Bowls
Scientific Mysticism: Part 6
Resting in the Heart of the Lotus
Human Vowels: Part 2
The Candle
A Higher Glimpse
People in Our Lives
A Rosicrucian Egyptian Tour from Nigeria
Rosicrucian Activities
March 2007
File size: 3.99 MB
Grand Master’s Message: Right Attitude
Sanctum Musings: Jealousy and Love
Discovering Fire
The Emergence and Ascent of Life
What Do You See?
The Tibetan Book of the Dead
Scientific Mysticism: Part 5
The Three Loves
Human Vowels: Part 1
Alphabetical Aphorisms
Immortality and the Afterlife
Metaphysical Principles and Health
Our Star: The Sun
Rosicrucian Egyptian Tour 2006
September 2006
File size: 3.74 MB
Researching the Healing Power of Prayer
Sanctum Musings: Towards Community Peace
Words of Wisdom
The Emperor and the Seed
The Essence of Mysticism
Cherokee Wisdom
Much More Than Beauty
Scientific Mysticism: Part 4
A Life That Matters
Must We Suffer to Grow
The White Lie
Tuthmosis III and the Akh Menu
Saying What We Think
Einstein’s Quest for Oneness
The Butterfly
March 2006
File size: 5.59 MB
Six Traditional Rosicrucian Laws
Sanctum Musings: Gratitude as a Principle
The History of Incense
The Stream of Life
The Breath
Mind to Hermes
Lessons of Life
The Cloud People
Concept of God
Scientific Mysticism: Part 3
Goodbye to Old Age
Life and its Mystery
Praying Hands
The Arrival of Love
The Moon and its Astrological Influence on Man - Part 2
Starry Contemplation
Can You Read This?
September 2005
File size: 5.44 MB
A Walking Question Mark
The Cracked Pot
Sanctum Musings: Transcending Limitations: Part 2
When the Seeker Comes Calling
A Lesson for a Rose
The Four Wives
Past, Present and Future
The Door to Happiness Opens Outwards
Scientific Mysticism: Part 2
Four Ways to Acquire Virtue
True Equality
Credo of the Peaceful Traveller
The Ouroborus
Essential Oils and Meditation
What is a Master?
The Moon and its Astrological Influence on Man
March 2005
File size: 4.32 MB
Finding Personal Peace
The Oldest Thing in the World
Sanctum Musings: Transcending Limitations: Part 1
Did Ancient Egyptians Believe in Reincarnation?
Two Sides to Every Window
Meeting Life’s Challenge
Forest Revelation
The Emir’s Promissory Note
The Promise
The Sacred Gift of Listening
Broken Pledges
Scientific Mysticism: Part 1
Knowing God
Reflections of a Mystic
A Moral Tale
Around the Jurisdiction - Rosicrucian Activities
Unwana Imoh - A Tribute
Passing Time
September 2004
File size: 5.83 MB
Peace Within: Creating a Peaceful World
Sanctum Musings: The Improper Classification of AMORC
Thoughts on a Rose
The Practical Application of Mysticism
The Spirit of God
Death as Transition
Dare to Live
Personality: Reflection of the Soul
Moderation of Expression
The Laughing Philosopher
The Woman of Mystery
We are the Measure of Our Thoughts
Seeking Cosmic Consciousness
The Mystic
Realising Our Divine Nature
Beyond Words
Experiencing Cosmic Harmony
Cosmic Law Fulfils
Little Things
March 2004
File size: 3.67 MB
Contribution to Peace in Africa
Unveiling the Mystery of Self
Sanctum Musings: AMORC and Society
Materialism and the Mystical Life
Peace and Security
Birth of a New Consciousness
True Reality
Calm: A Small Word with Great Power
The Triangle in Cause and Effect
Meditation on Brotherhood
The Soul of the World
Solitude and Inner Peace
The Book Review: Mansions of the Soul by H Spencer Lewis, FRC
A Prickly Situation
Death or Transition
Improving Our Emotions
The Prayer of Our Lord