Postulant section

Duration: 3 months

In antiquity, if you wished to study the great mysteries, you would travel to a temple and petition for admittance as a student. If accepted, you would be known first as a Postulant, and would live, work and receive instruction in the first inner courtyard of the temple as you were carefully prepared for higher instruction, and observed for suitability for that higher instruction. If found worthy of continuing, you would be allowed into the next part of the temple, known as the Atrium or reception chamber. There you were known as a Neophyte and would receive preliminary instructions before being allowed to enter the main temple itself in order to study the higher teachings.

Fortunately, we don't have to go to such lengths today, but your admission into the Postulant section of the Order's teachings symbolically admits you into the first inner courtyard of a Rosicrucian temple where you will be given your first basic lessons about the great abilities and powers you already possess within your being, though possibly still very difficult to access. As a Postulant, you will spend two to three months going through the material we send you and generally becoming aquainted with the Order, its method of instruction, and its system of using relatively simple exercises and experiements to accomplish an opening up of the channel of communication between your outer day-to-day self, and your much more accomplished and deeper inner self.

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