Questions About Life

Have you ever asked yourself questions like: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? In fact is there a purpose?
Most people have pondered such existential questions at one time or other, but few have found answers they can really believe. Most answers we hear nowadays are not credible, not reasonable, not rational. If they aren't couched in fundamentalist religious terms, they are usually out of the book of alien conspiracy theories. So it is understandable that few people care about such existential issues. Who after all has the time nowadays to ponder such things? Does it really matter whether we know the answers or not?
Well, for seekers of spiritual enlightenment it certainly does..., and answers often come to them in moments of quietude as inspiring thoughts seemingly originating within themselves. Their conclusions may not be the final answer, but they are rational and believable; and for the remainder of their lives they carry their conclusions and the rationales behind them as anchor points to which they return again and again. And this is precisely what Rosicrucians do..., and wish others could do too.
For the really hard questions though, those that are almost too hard to even ask, the honest response is and always should be silence..., no response. Frankly, what else could it be? for silence is all we get when we ask questions we can hardly even formulate. Yet, silence has always been the most accurate answer we can get to questions relating to who or what we actually are, for it is ultimately the deepest of all questions there is. The reality of our existence is one thing, and we all have our views on this; but the actuality of what we are, where this "thinking thing that is me" originates, where it is destined to go, and what it is supposed to be doing in life..., such questions can only be answered in part only, and the answers come to us usually only during periods of calmness and genuine inner silence. This too, Rosicrucians seek to teach.
It is during the calmness and serenity of that inner silence that we can gain an appreciation of the true form of all existence, and ultimately learn how to ask the questions that really count. Full and final answers are seldom received, but partial answers that profoundly change our lives for the better and expand our appreciation of life and our place in it..., these will come regularly throughout life from then on.
Realistically, it is only in moments of true inner silence that we learn how to connect with the boundless wisdom we already possess and learn how to formulate the questions we really need accurate answers to. Most of the time, the the innate faculty we already possess that allows this to happen is hidden and beyond the reach of our outer self, Yet, this ability is already highly refined within us and merely waiting for a way to be put to good use. Extraordinary questions often have extraordinary answers. Yet, every person has the innate ability to find their own deeply satisfying extraordinary answers to all questions they can formulate. So few though know how to accomplish this. What is needed is a workable method of tapping into that personal innate wisdom, connecting with the deepest part of one's being..., and this is what Rosicrucians do for themselves, and teach others to do when sincerely asked.
Mastering such methods requires a tried and tested system of inner development, and this is what the Rosicrucian Order attempts to provide for anyone truly seeking it.
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