We have within us an independent kernel of sentience and wisdom..., greater, more developed, more majestic than we ever imagined possible. Used wisely, it leads to ever greater expressions of the qualities we long for the most: greater personal freedom, enhanced mental mobility, refinement of character, a more mature emotional and moral nature, elevated levels of consciousness and creativity, more exacting standards of personal discipline, a more penetrating understanding of the things we are working with, a more forgiving and compassionate nature, deeper and more permanent relationships, personal success in the endeavours we care for the most, and finally one day..., a deep, indwelling sense of peace and tranquillity, regardless of the outer conditions in which we live.

If our innate wisdom is used incorrectly however, or is abused in the pursuit of degrading purposes, we become like so many people in our sorry world..., unhappy, unfulfilled, lacking in focus, distracted by ephemeral wants rather than fundamental needs, not understanding why we have so many unpleasant setbacks, and generally falling short of many of the good, wholesome things we truly aspire to.

All too often, the wisdom most people seem pre-programmed with from birth, remains hidden and undiscovered throughout life..., hidden by the turmoil and distractions of worldly existence, unhappy relationships and financial worries, and shielded from discovery of a way out of the rmisery by the frantic pace of life. If only more people knew what they were missing..., what immense creativity, happiness and achievements would be theirs!