December 2012
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The Transmission of Alchemical Knowledge
Seeking Cosmic Consciousness
Unio Mystica
The Quest of the Holy Grail - Part 2
Great Zimbabwe
Wisdom of the Ancients
The Power of Imagination
Marie Corelli
September 2012
File size: 6.66 MB
Reflections of a Mystic
The Quest of the Holy Grail - Part 1
The Illuminating Light
The True Meaning of Metaphysics
Immortality and the Afterlife
Tommaso Campanella
Singing Bowls
The Alchemical Fire of Suffering
Metaphysical Principles and Health
Some Aspects of Mysticism
June 2012
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Traits of a True Mystic
Meeting Life’s Challenge
Visions of George William Russell
Maat and Asha
Einstein’s Quest for Oneness
The Lock and the Key
The Practical Application of Mysticism
The Logos
The Beauty Beneath
March 2012
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Finding the God of Your Heart
The Mystery of Creation
Balancing Spirituality
The Nature of Compassion
The Beggar
Samuel Hartlib
Concept of God
Towards an Ideal Society
December 2011
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The Laws of the Fraternity of the Rosy Cross
Realising Our Divine Nature
Four Ways to Acquire Virtue
Bringing Light to the World
What is a Master?
The Praying Hands
Woman as a Modern Mystic
No Need for Temples
The Mystical Spiral
September 2011
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Theory and Practice of Rosicrucian Living
The Influence of the Mystical Life
Two Kinds of People
Cosmic Law Fulfils: Astrology and the Future
Comenius and the Labyrinth of the World
The Hierogyphic Monad of John Dee
True Knowledge
The Cloud People
The Laughing Philosopher