Roman Britain
ISBN: 0714120456
Author: T W Potter
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Roman Britain is constantly the subject of fresh discoveries and changing perspectives. This study, based on the newest archaeological evidence, assesses the impact of the invasion of AD 43 on Iron Age Britain and surveys the effect of Roman culture on this remote province up to and beyond the end of the military occupation. The process of Romanisation in town and country, in the arts, architecture and religion, is not, however, viewed in isolation, but in terms of Britain’s place in the empire as a whole.

The authors’ position as curators of the Romano-British collection of the British Museum gives them an unrivalled, day to day familiarity with the material evidence, including, for example, such notable discoveries as the Thetford and Snettisham treasures, the Vindolanda tablets and the unique building facade from Meonstoke, which came to light as recently as 1989. Not only the rich silverware, jewellery and mosaics, but also more utilitarian objects in pottery and other materials are described and discussed in detail.

As well as providing the general reader with an up to date synthesis of this important period, the book offers new contributions to long standing problems which will also be of interest to the scholar. Like the other volumes in this series, it contains a comprehensive bibliography and gazetteer for those wishing to visit Romano-British sites. With 90 black and white and 12 colour illustrations.