Women in Ancient Greece

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ISBN: 0714112968
Author: Sue Blundell
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Women in Ancient Greece offers a wide ranging and challenging exploration of a subject often overlooked in studies of antiquity. Though women played little or no public role, they were, of course, a vital and integral part of Greek society and it is impossible to gain a full and balanced idea of that society without considering their experience.

Sue Blundel looks in detail at the available evidence for women’s lives: their status in the family and in marriage, their legal and political situation, their place in religious observance. She studies depictions of women in art and literature and discusses what these reveal of the prevailing (male) attitudes to women.

Not much of this evidence is first hand: Sappho is the only female writer of antiquity much of whose work survives. Nevertheless, the sources can tell us a great deal about how women lived, how they were regarded by men and the effects on them of political and cultural changes over the centuries.

The book spans the Archaic and Classical ages up to 336BC, concentrating for the latter period on Athens and Sparta, the two city states for which substantial evidence exists. With 45 black and white illustrations.