Flower of the Soul
ISBN: 9780952642060
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For much of the 20thCentury, the world experienced some appalling conflicts, including two world wars that surpassed in scale and horror anything experienced before. During those times of upheaval, the Rosicrucian mystic Raymund Andrea corresponded with fellow seekers of universal truths and wrote in several prestigious journals about an alternative world-view which challenged complacency and urged mystics to call upon that inner core of goodness and strength that guides humanity to ever greater heights of spiritual discovery.
Andrea wrote in the name of the individual aspirant. In his determined commitment to the way of truth, sincerity, self-knowledge and, above all, of service, his words illuminate the way forward on the path to personal spiritual unfoldment.
His book is a compilation of many of those letters and articles, most of which have been out of print since the 1920s and 30s and some of which have never been published before.
Andrea wrote in the manner of the spoken rather than the written word..., speaking directly to the heart of the reader and conveying a deep and universal spirituality. Through his words, one is gently drawn towards a cleansing of the mind and a focusing of one’s desire on the heart of the spiritual life, namely, the personal expression of the soul in material manifestation, what Andrea refers to as the 'Flower of the Soul.'
Spanning over 50 years of Andrea’s writings, this book covers different aspects of spiritual devotion in a non-sectarian and universal sense, and can be used as a wonderful source of inspirational thought to begin and end each day.