CD - Bringers of Dawn
Weight/Dimensions: 89g, 140 mm 124 mm 10 mm
Price: £12.00

Bringers of the Dawn refers to those angelic, spiritual beings who offer us comfort and support to help us enter that new day. The music ranges from complex, passionate rhapsodies to childlike serene lullabies expressed through a multitude of synthesized textures and classic instrumuntation which carries the listener to the deepest heart levels where a sense of inner peace and comfort brings the dawn of spiritual light to restore the soul.

Track List:

1: Stardust and Moonlight

2: Moonchilid

3: Joey's Angel

4: Song of the Inner Child

5: Hilde Hope

6: Mooncradle in Dreamland

7: Unicorn Dremaride

8: Gentle Moment

9: Hilde Hope Reprise

10: Angel's Birth

11: Brahms's Lullaby