CD - Diamond Soul

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After I created the Dreamflight Trilogy, I wanted to create an "Angel Trilogy" that would be the next step in a musical journey toward finding the Spiritual Center Within. Diamond Soul is the third album in this trilogy, focusing on attaining inner peace by achieving wholeness through balancing all aspects of our being. Diamonds symbolise clarity, purity and strength; "soul" refers to our innermost spirit, the core of our being. Hence, the term "Diamond Soul" refers to a state of being where every aspect of Who We Are has achieved clarity and purity through a conscious connection with the Universal Divine Love-Intelligence, and this becomes the strength of our wholeness. In this "diamond light" of awareness , we become prepared for the next step in our spiritual journey: manifesting as open channels for the expression of God's deepest nature, LOVE.

Track list:

1: Celestial Vespers

2: Forever Rapture

3: Angel Passion, Angel Prayer

4: Into the Sacred

5: Heaven's Child

6: Memories of Innocence

7: Redemption

8: Your Golden Soul

9: The Gift of Grace

10: Merciful Power