CD - Liber Antiphonarius Rosae Crucis - Vol 5 Quintus
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CD - Liber Antiphonarius Rosae Crucis - Vol 5 - Quintus. In the Middles Ages, the Antiphonary was the liturgical book containing the Gregorian chants for evening, night or morning payers. It consequently came to govern the use of these chants during mass. To a certain extent, it was therefore the means by which through their prayer monks could participate in the holiness of passing time and divine veneration.

The Rose-Cross Antiphonary, composed at the end of the 20th Century under the aegis of the International Rose-Cross University, also has a spiritual vocation. This music has been composed to aid the soul to rise above material concerns and achieve cosmic communion. 


• Invocationis Capella
• Culminis ventique Chapel
• Come to Basilicam
• Miliciae Capella
• Alchimae Capella
• Luminis Capella
• Pacis Capella
• Chapel Congratulations
• Occidentalis Capella
• The Mesnie Hellequin
• Conclusion.