So Mote It Be
ISBN: 095264200X
Author: Christian Bernard
Weight/Dimensions: 237g, 215 mm 140 mm 10 mm
Price: £14.95

This book is a collection of essays written over a period of some sixteen years while the author Christian Bernard, current Imperator and President of AMORC served as Grand Master of the French jurisdiction of the Rosicrucian Order.
During those years, he presided over many Rosicrucian conventions, mystical convocations, meetings and press briefings at which he was called upon to deliver special messages on themes of spirituality and philosophy, and especially, to point out their relevance to the Rosicrucian philosophy of life.
This book then is a collection of a few of the many discourses he presented during those years. Each chapter touches upon some element of the ancient wisdom which has been perpetuated by generations of Rosicrucians. Being suitable for both members and non-members of the Order alike, the topics covered are broad in their outlook and inspired in their delivery.