Unto Thee I Grant
ISBN: 9780956275325
Weight/Dimensions: 293g, 170 cm 120 cm 25 cm
Price: £14.95

Several versions of this extraordinary book of spiritual and moral guidance have been in private circulation since about 1750. Although the first 18th Century editor gives a brief history of the discovery of the original Tibetan manuscript from which it was translated, little is known about its true origins and purpose.

Research has been done in this regard in recent years, but it is still not known precisely who the author was, when the book was written, whether it was written by one person or had several contributors, and whether it was originally planned and written as a comprehensive course of instruction, or was a compilation of sayings collected over a period of years, decades or even centuries.

What is clear though is that the chapters were compiled by a person (or persons) of high spiritual intent, and the inspiration it has given to generations of seekers of spiritual enlightenment continues to this day. The simple, down-to-earth points of advice given are timeless and as valid today as when they were first composed, possibly over a thousand years ago.

You can open this book on virtually any page and derive inspiration for the day from the brief message you will read there. It is a wonderful and worthwhile companion for life.

FULLY INDEXED. Search for and find page reference to all the most commonly used words and expressions.