The Word Went Forth
ISBN: 978-0-9562753-3-2
Author: Laura DeWitt James
Weight/Dimensions: 116g, 170 mm 140 mm 10 mm
Price: £8.95

Originally published in 1942 by the Rosicrucian Order, this delightful little book has been unavailable for 70 years. In a story-like manner, the author demonstrates from a physical and metaphysical point of view, the nature of reality through the medium of vibrations. Through simple examples and analogies involving repetitive motion, we are introduced to the fundamentals of creation. Elements such as light, sound and other forms of vibration are brought together to form the reality of the seen and unseen worlds in which we live.


The author places the mythological first act of creation in Genesis in perspective by taking the reader on a metaphysical and philosophical journey to discover the importance of vowels and their relationship to the creative impulse. We learn how words and thoughts are related to cause and effect, and how important emotions are as a governing factor in the sliding scale of the creative impulse. As our lives unfold from day to day, few of us realise how powerful an effect we have on others simply by the way we think. When we acquire a penetrating understanding of the relationship of thought with cause and effect, we have the potential to apply that knowledge for the betterment of our immediate environment and that of others.


For those willing to study its principles, this book could be the starting point to a better understanding of our inter-relatedness with other human beings, in fact our intimate connection with all living things.