Study Programme

By becoming a member of the Rosicrucian Order, you will be starting a process of inner discovery that could enrich your life.

You may not know this, indeed few do..., but within you resides a veritable sleeping giant, already fully equiped with all the powers, abilities and sophistication that the most evolved and spiritually enlightened person could ever aspire to. Most people however do not believe that anyone could have such refinement and potential already within them... dormant, yet just waiting to be released..., and consequently they investigate no further.

All people have a certain innate wisdom already fully formed within them; but only a minority can access it. To unlock that inner wisdom and maturity demands a steady and patient application of certain techniques of inner development in a safe, controlled and progressive manner. The Rosicrucian teachings and techniques are revealed incrementally in a special system of study and self development that will provide you with a clear roadmap to accomplishing your most cherished dreams. But more importantly, if done correctly it will bring you happiness, peace and a level of fulfilment that few in the world ever achieve.

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