Refund Policy

(a) If for any reason you should be unhappy with the service or material you have received, we will refund you the unused portion of your subscription, with the exception of the first three months, and any bank charges we may have incurred when banking your payment.

(b) If you have paid by Credit or Debit Card, we will require your full card details again in order to process the refund, as we do not retain your card details.

(c) If you have paid by Cheque, IMO or Postal Order, we will require your full bank details to effect the refund. If you paid by direct transfer of funds to our account, then we will transfer the remaining balance to you but will of course need your account details first.

(d) With all refunds, if we have incurred any special charges such as negotiating Euro or US Dollar amounts into our home currency £-Sterling, we will deduct those charges from the refund we give you.

(e) If you are returning goods you have purchased from The Rosicrucian Collection, these will be refunded only if (i) they are undamaged, and (ii) you are returning them due to a defect or what you (and we) consider to be a misunderstanding as to what you thought you were purchasing. We may elect to withold our costs in posting the item/s to you but will deal sympathetically with all returns on a case by case basis.