Q: How are the Rosicrucian lessons structured?

The Order’s curriculum is divided into a number of broad sections under names such as the Postulant section, the Neophyte section, the Initiate section, etc. Each section covers a range of topics related to mysticism, some of which are repeated in subsequent sections in greater detail. Each section is further divided into sub-sections called "Degrees," and within these degrees are the actual weekly monograph lessons.

This body of mystical and metaphysical knowledge unfolds spirally from one topic to the next. By following a spiral outward from its centre, each succeeding pass around the spiral establishes a larger, more all-inclusive circle of understanding. This circle of comprehension may be compared to the reality in which each of us finds ourselves. The more inclusive our reality, the more freedom and true choice we have in life.

With each section studied, one or more class instructors are assigned to give correspondence assistance to members who have questions or difficulty in understanding or dealing with the topics. Great effort is made to answer all questions related to the topics, and no sincerely asked question is ever turned down because it is "stupid." Of course, whereas class instructors may be specialists in their particular areas of expertise, they can only really point the way, for it is ultimately up to the student to do the required work to achieve full internalisation of the knowledge and techniques being imparted.

The Rosicrucian Order does not promise instant enlightenment, though that does not preclude some individuals from making spectacular gains in a relatively short time. The Order has sufficient understanding of the principles involved to know that quick, easy results are not possible; whatever results do come quickly, are merely a coming-out of principles already mastered in the past but forgotten about or which may have lain dormant since birth. Important principles that have not been mastered yet, do however take hard effort and deep sincerity of purpose to master.

Members receive four lessons per month, each of which should be studied under conditions of silence and privacy in order to maximise one's understanding of the information. These lessons, each averaging eight to twenty pages in length, introduce new ideas and exercises in a straightforward, simple manner. No special level of intellect or academic training is required except of course that the student must be fully literate.

One or more periods each week must be set aside for the purpose of reading and absorbing the lessons, as well as conducting the exercises given. For the remainder of the week the student is expected to periodically think about the important ideas contained in recent lessons and to make repeated efforts at succeeding with the exercises.

This simple commitment is requested as the lessons are not merely a body of knowledge, but can be moulded by each individual into a whole new way of life. Those who only read the material we send them and do not seriously attempt to succeed with the recommended exercises and inner changes they themselves realise are needed, are wasting their time, much as it is a waste of time to read a book on how to play a musical instrument without adequately practising the playing technique on that instrument.

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