Q: How would the Rosicrucian teachings affect my religious beliefs?

Not all people have religious beliefs; yet many are still deeply compassionate, loving people, embodying in their lives the very best of human ethics, morals and human idealism. Since the Rosicrucian Order is not a religion, it does not impose any particular system of belief on anyone. Therefore, if you are devoted to a particular faith, you will not be required to change your beliefs, though you may with time and further experience question the relevance or validity of some of your beliefs.

The Order is happy for everyone to participate in whatever religion they choose, and encourage all people, no matter what they believe in, to incorporate into their lives the very highest standards of human compassion, tolerance and idealism..., all qualities that are found in abundance in the deepest levels of most religions. The result is that Rosicrucians come from a wide variety of religious denominations, but also from upbringings in which religion has played little or no role at all.

The mystical life far transcends the divisions that exist between some religions, or between those who proclaim a faith and those who do not. The so-called "mystical experience" is essentially the same for all people, though interpreted quite differently from one set of beliefs to the other. At the level of the experience itself though, there are no actual divisions between people, only a uniting common purpose of love for all life, and service to the world in ways that bring peace and harmony to all.