Q: If the Rosicrucian teachings possess such truth and knowledge, why are they not more popularly known?

Though the teachings and material found in the Rosicrucian studies have been available to interested seekers for centuries, mainstream society is focused primarily on the outer aspects of life: material wealth, power, politics, social concerns, emotional relationships, etc. Furthermore, although there has been a renaissance of thinking in the world in recent years leading to far greater openness with regard to all matters of a mystical and metaphysical nature, the tone of most organisations involved with this is one of intense training with results being attained as quickly and with as little effort as possible.

Sadly, the true aim of such "quick-fix" self-development is not to gain any deeper spiritual insights, but rather to gain advantages over others through increased psychic, mental or falsely perceived magical powers.

Because the Rosicrucian Order concerns itself primarily with inner development, it will probably never attract much outer attention. The Order is there for anyone interested in receiving what it has to offer, and anyone who really searches, will eventually encounter it. The studies are designed to appeal to people who have really searching questions in life and are looking for thorough, penetrating answers.